iPad Pre-Launch Preview: See BuzzVoice on Apple’s iPad Now

BuzzVoice on The iPadThe iPad press frenzy is heating up as the new device’s upcoming ship date draws nearer.

This week, as we were putting the finishing touches on the first version of BuzzVoice for iPad, we captured some unpolished video to give you a glimpse of what’s coming.

If you’re familiar with our iPhone App [iTunes link], you’ll notice the iPad version includes the same rich functionality. Plus, exclusively for the iPad, we’ve added a powerful new “Playlist Management” feature that lets you browse our curated list of over 1,500 sources to discover new content to add to your BuzzVoice playlist.

Checkout the brief demo of BuzzVoice for iPad below and let us know what you think [email iPad@BuzzVoice.com ]. With a little luck on our part, you’ll see BuzzVoice in the grand opening of The iPad App Store when you unbox your new “Jesus tablet.” Once we get our hands on an actual iPad, we’ll roll out more features that take advantage of the iPad’s unique platform.

Of course, you don’t have to have an iPad to use BuzzVoice – You can Get BuzzVoice on The App Store now for your iPhone or iPod touch, or sign up on your computer on the BuzzVoice full site to use it on a regular iPod, or any MP3 player.

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