Top Apple Blog TUAW, Calls BuzzVoice “A Major Accomplishment”

TUAW BuzzVoice ReviewThe Unofficial Apple Weblog [TUAW] recently wrote a full review of our new BuzzVoice service, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their verdict. (If you’re not familiar with BuzzVoice, it lets you listen to the Web’s top news & blogs on the go. It’s sort of like “Pandora for news and blogs.” Here’s a short video )

If you follow Apple-related news or have an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with TUAW. TUAW is a member of AOL’s popular Weblogs Inc. network, which also  includes Engadget, Download SquadAutoblogBlogging Stocks, and Joystiq.

Here are a few excerpts from the TUAW story titled, BuzzVoice Reads Aloud to You Almost Anywhere:

BuzzVoice is a major accomplishment… I think this is going to be big.

BuzzVoice can most simply be described as a talking reader for over 1400 blogs, but saying that doesn’t begin to do it justice. It’s not just an iPhone/iPod touch app, although BuzzVoice provides one [iTunes Link]. It’s a platform that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices including any iPod or mp3 player, your computer, Blackberry (upcoming) or with added functionality on the iPhone/iPod touch”

BuzzVoice brings podcasting to over 1,400 blogs broken down into 59 categories, while using a natural-sounding voice allowing you to take in content audibly. It does it smoothly, easily and naturally, from a well designed, multifaceted platform, allowing use on a huge number of devices… The voice implementation is nearly perfect.

The BuzzRadio feature, is interesting. Tapping it brings up a listing of topics ranging from Apple Radio to Politics Radio to Sports Radio… It’s perfect for any time your hands should be somewhere else (driving, running or whatever).”


Please be sure to visit to check out the full story. [You can also listen to it on BuzzVoice here] And, don’t forget  to add TUAW to your BuzzVoice playlist, so you can stream it on the go. 

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Macworld Review of PimpMyNews iPhone App

Macworld’s Ben Boychuk recently reviewed our new iPhone & iPod touch application.

PimpMyNews received a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5. Considering Macworld’s reputation as a tough critic, and the fact that The New York Times and ABC News came in at 3 stars, we couldn’t be happier.

From the level of detail in Ben’s review, it’s obvious that he spent a few hours using PimpMyNews, customizing his playlist, listening to various news and blog posts, and composing a well thought out review.
If you keep up with this blog, you know we’re diehard user feedback proponents, so any time some one takes the time to do a “deep dive” on our service, we’re all ears.

In the review, after Ben finished ribbing us about the “ear-catching” name, he turned toward the unique utility of the app. Ben summarizes the app by saying, “Very simply, the app lets you create ‘playlists’ of blog items, or news stories, from more than 1,200 sources, and reads them aloud, and on the fly, in a voice that’s almost lifelike.”

He then goes on to the core value proposition, stating that, “For people on the move, in their cars, at the gym or multitasking at work, PimpMyNews offers an innovative way to ‘read’ your favorite Web sites by listening.” Ben also cited the daily podcast feature, which plays continuous stories from your playlist for hands-free listening, as his favorite feature.

On the “suggested enhancements” side, Ben suggested that we add the following features, most of which are already in the works:

- A “select your voice” feature
- The ability to add more than 10 feeds to your playlist
- More “continuous play” features, in addition to the existing podcast feature
- The ability for users to manage their feeds on their mobile devices

Thank you Mr. Boychuk. We appreciate your feedback – and we’re acting on it.

Be sure to check out the full PimpMyNews iPhone app review on Macworld, and download the app on The App Store. Stay tuned, more time saving enhancements are on the way.

Please keep the feedback coming to

John Atkinson
Co-founder & CEO

New PimpMyNews iPhone App, Watch The Demo

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, the new native iPhone & iPod touch app is here!

If you’ve used the iPhone web app, you’ll love the feature-rich speed of the new native application. If you’ve never used PimpMyNews on your iPhone, now is the time!

Check out the brief demo below, then head on over to The App Store to
download the new application. [Tap here to watch the iPhone version]

Please let us know what you think, by sending your feedback to